Unified Theory Existence: Volume 2 (Human Social Behaviour)


Volume Two looks at a number of areas of human social behaviour, such as politics, human sexuality and correct male/female relationships, economics, religion, entertainment industry, health care, and education, and discusses what is wrong with the world as it is now and what would constitute a right world given the understanding of creation of the physical universe presented in Volume One of the Unified Theory of Existence.

Total Pages : 160
Size : 25cm x 18cm

Professor Muhammad al’Mahdi’s long search for truth included almost fourteen years as a full time university student in the United States and resulted in his going through three and a half PhD programs in child, clinical, experimental, and educational psychology. He had originally intended, and began, his studies to be in the physical sciences. This allowed him, due to previous training in nuclear electronics, to spend four years as a research assistant in one of the foremost theoretical physics laboratories of that time, where he had the opportunity to meet and discuss the most basic nature of our physical universe with several recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Since those student days almost thirty years ago he has devoted his life to the study of Islam and the development of a plan to help make right the many wrongs existing in today’s world, so that our children may live God conscious in a world of peace and love.

Professor Muhammad al’Mahdi says, “The position presented as right social behaviour in this volume, while not yet truly Islamic, shows how far I had come from the commonly accepted wrongness of Western social thinking toward the rightness of the way of life revealed to us by Allah”.

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