Project Under Khalifah Education Foundation

Khalifah Model School offers a holistic education which covers the National curriculum: Diniyyah courses such as Qur’an, Hifz, Arabic Islamic Studies; co-curricular activities and martial arts.

A home to 140 students and 24 instructor, we are an Integrated Islamic school emphasizing on the understanding of Sunnatullah and Syariatullah in the students’ learning.

Khalifah Training Academy is responsible for developing the Khalifah Method training module and conducting training programmes to be shared with as many people as possible.

“If you were to give to any individual or social group just two things, a positive, accurate, and motivational world view, plus a good understanding of the Laws of Learning by which all human characteristics are developed, then that individual or social group would move naturally and inevitably toward everything good and right.”

Established in October 2012, Khalifah Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that governs two schools and one training academy namely Khalifah Model School (Primary), Khalifah Model School (Secondary), and Khalifah Training Academy.
The Foundation’s main project has been the establishment of the above mentioned schools, with its vision to make Khalifah Education Foundation a model institution that is successful in shaping a society that is excellent in faith, knowledge, action and character through the implementation of Khalifah Method.

Khalifah Method is being comprehensively used by all teachers in all interactions with the students to achieve excellence in academics, character, and spirituality. Through this method, students will develop a deep love for Allah and Islam, and will be naturally inclined to do good and abstain from evil, besides being taught to become people of deep learning and understanding i.e. Ulul Albab. It is our hope that by 2020, both the primary and secondary Khalifah Model Schools will become premiere integrated Islamic schools well known in Malaysia as well as internationally.

The Foundation is spearheaded by members of the society who strongly believe in Education as a means to produce a transforming generation that propels the nation towards success and excellence. Members of the Board of Trustees and Working Committee come from various fields of profession, whose mutual interest is purely in the instillation of good values in the nation’s future generation. It is through education that this agenda can be carried out at its core level.

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