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Carve a smile on a child’s face this Ramadan and create a meaningful learning experience for them by sponsoring My Ramadan Kit.

Last year hundreds of children received My Ramadan Kit for free, all thanks to you!

At just RM25 per kit, let’s give them the same opportunity this year, inshaAllah.

You sponsor, we deliver 😉

Sponsored Ramadan kit will be distributed to children from B40 families, refugee schools and charity homes.

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This kit is in dwibahasa (English and Malay) so that more children can benefit from the activities.

This year’s theme is SELF CONTROL. The activities in this kit are designed to inculcate patience and self-control, an important lesson that we want our children to learn in the month of Ramadan.

What’s inside the kit?

1 Board Game
1 set Memory Game Card
Fasting & Solat Chart
Qur’an Tracker
Ramadan Self-Control Journal
DIY Money Packet

Suitable for: 7-12 year-olds

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