Khalifah Ramadhan Kit


Khalifah Ramadhan Kit consist of :

  • My Fasting Day Chart
  • Quran Marker & Bookmarks
  • Good Deeds Chart & Stickers
  • EidCards

Khalifah Ramadhan Kit consist of :
1. My Fasting Day Chart :
A daily chart to keep track of the fasting days. Includes niyat for fasting and du’a after breaking fast

2. Good Deeds Chart & Stickers:
A chart to encourage and motivate the little one to continuously do good deeds. Comes with more than 30 good deeds stickers to choose from.

3. Quran Marker & Bookmarks :
A useful hand pack of 5 Quran markers and 5 bookmarks with motivational hadith and Quranic ayah to treasure and keep in your books or Quran.

4. EidCards :
Mark the end of Ramadhan by sending these lively Eid cards to family and friends. A great way for ukhawah and to wish dear ones a happy and blessed day.

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