Combo Buku – Dr Aqtar (B)


Stories of The Prophets

  • Stories based almost entirely on the Quranic narrative with references to authentic hadith.
  • The relavant Quranic passages are provided in full in Arabic with the corresponding translation.
  • Creative and thought provoking illustrations.
  • Contain lesson usually found in major tafseer works in simple conversational language, which can be easily understood by older chilredn and adults alike.

Da’wah In The Quran

  • Invite all to the way of your Lord.
  • Be like the jinns
  • Transcendent Loe : The companion of Ya-Seen
  • Kind, clear and dignified speech
  • Gentleness ( Part 1 )
  • Gentleness ( Part 2 : Escpecially for leaders )
  • Hate the sin, not the sinner
  • The disbelieving fatger
  • Love cannot conquer all
  • Do not sit with them until…
  • Patience and remembrance of God.
  • Reform or regret
  • Repel evil with good

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